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We are living in an age of rapid digital transformation and competitive differentiation. With new technologies changes the way we do business often. A company like Sentia has to react quickly on this. We offer a cost efficiency, speed of deployment, agility and compliance are often important business motivations to adopt a new IT strategy.


We offer cloud solutions like private, public and hybrid cloud resources and also a plenty of more opportunities, like the Sentia Cloud. The Sentia Cloud is Sentia’s flagship cloud platform, spanning three Tier 3 data centers. The flexibility of this cloud infrastructure enables us to offer a blend of services and service levels that matches diverse requirements. The Sentia Cloud can be offered in a multi-tenant or dedicated setup for example.


The Sentia Cloud provides an agile infrastructure for Sentia’s Managed Platform and Managed Application Continuity services. The platform can easily be tailored to specific customer needs and it’s built with trustworthy components that can deliver a high demand of performance.


We embrace open standards as much as possible and is a large supporter of using open-source software as long as the software live up to our standards.


The Sentia Cloud is designed with various high availability and disaster recovery options and resides in top-tier data centers at strategic chosen locations with a wide presence of carrier networks. These facilities features have multiple uninterruptible power supplies, power distribution paths, advanced environmental and fire detection and suppression systems. Management, monitoring, and support of the infrastructure are all included with Sentia Cloud services. Sentia’s monitoring of the actual infrastructure demand provides you with an objective real-time assessment of resource utilization. Resources can easily be added or given back in order to scale up in peak times and scale back when demand is low. All our services are monitored 24/7 to proactively and efficiently remain and optimize performance across the Sentia environments.


All our Sentia Cloud datacenters are located within the Amsterdam region.

Sentia can provide direct connectivity to several public Cloud parties, including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure/Office 365. These private and dedicated network connections give better guaranties regarding reliability, speeds and latency.


A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is an attempt to interrupt a service by flooding one or more systems by sending high volumes of (invalid) requests. Sentia joined the Nationale Wasstraat (NaWas) initiative of the Nationale Beheersorganisatie Internet Providers (NBIP) with a category 3 connection to be able to mitigate such attacks


The Sentia Cloud can use multiple layers of firewalls to safeguard the various interfaces between Internet, LAN, WAN and IP networks. Behind the Internet facing firewall, each customer will have one or more dedicated (customer) firewall’s clusters where the customer environments are served from. Both layers of firewalls have different manufacturers, which decreases the risk of possible security impacts.


In additional to its own security events analysis and vulnerability assessments we use a Fox IT service for detecting cyber threats and suspicious behavior within the Sentia infrastructure. All security events are monitored 24/7 and a Sentia engineer will investigate this when a serious threat will occur.


Within the Sentia Cloud zones virtual machines with specific processing and memory configurations can be made available on demand. They are made available in the background on high-end Dell server clusters based on VMware.


Sentia uses Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash Arrays as the primary storage solution for the Sentia Cloud.


Sentia implemented Veeam as backup & restore solution for all VM’s running on ESX. Veeam is nicely integrated with VMware ESX and the Nimble storage solution, which results in a very efficient method of creating backups. All backup data is directly transferred off-site to another (remote) data center.


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