March 28th, 2018

Who has won the container orchestration battle?

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As organisations increasingly implement continuous delivery and container technology, an orchestration platform has become vital. This technology is one of the key pillars of an enterprise cloud strategy. Forrester’s Cloud Predictions Report predicts that in 2018, current enterprise workloads will move to the cloud in even larger numbers. Adoption of a container orchestration solution to automate these workloads will play a crucial role in supporting this movement.

2018 will become the year of containerised workload in the cloud. Forrester Cloud Predictions Report, 2018

Container orchestration has attained a certain maturity level. Amongst Forrester’s observations on cloud is that of how Kubernetes has won the war for container orchestration dominance within enterprises. At last November’s AWS re: Invent Las Vegas conference, which Sentia attended, AWS announced that they will support Kubernetes open source technology. Following this announcement, all major public cloud vendors fully support Kubernetes and it has become mainstream within enterprises.

As one of the most transformative technology trends, cloud has accelerated digital transformation in a way that no other disruptive technology has. Cloud has become infused within every organisation and it benefits from an extremely rapid rate of innovation. It’s a striking fact that container orchestration solutions have not been adopted at the same level as cloud solutions, as they help to integrate the most efficient platform building solution. Forrester recommends investing in Kubernetes skills and pilots in 2018.

Start with a plan for container orchestration: what you need to learn, who you need to train, and what outcomes your development and infrastructure teams hope to accomplish. Forrester Cloud Predictions Report, 2018

The skill set required for such container solutions is rare and in short supply. Therefore, finding a partner to support and develop an optimal platform for application development is a better strategy. In this way, applications can be build cloud-ready, scalable, flexible and can incorporate knowledge from the right partner. Such an effective partnership will enable the fast, reliable adoption of this powerful container orchestration technology.


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