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We monitor our client’s systems day and night. With our Baseline and Functional monitoring, we keep performance at its peak. By analysing the full chain, we proactively seek out opportunities and risks and discover trends. As soon as these trends are analysed, we can make adjustments in the infrastructure without you even noticing.

The essence of good application management is proactive monitoring. We do not only verify that that the server and the network are up, we also check if the application performs appropriately. Below is an overview of our monitoring services.


We also ensure that the complete chain of an application is being monitored. With the use of software tooling, we replicate the user experience. This generally means that we find out about a problem before our clients do. In some cases we will go as far as calling a third party to notify them when their client’s connection or datastream is broken.


Through remote monitoring from multiple locations, we can act quickly if a website is not available. In addition, we can simulate certain scenarios that mirror those with a user. This allows us to, for example, monitor the sales process from the basket right through to payment. We use Uptrends as a monitoring software provider.



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