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Your audience wants instant access to your website and applications, your staff expect a fast connection to your IT network. We ensure that your content and applications remain easily and quickly accessible. Our engineers have a flexible, action-oriented attitude, and the considered approach necessary to perform structured adjustments. Sentia uses load simulators for your applications so performance management can be accomplished proactively. Firewalls and load balancers are optimally configured for demanding applications, sites and interfaces.

Load Balancing

Our load balancing technology ensures the optimal distribution of the load throughout our fleet of servers. This enables Sentia to offer maximum assurance on the continuity of your hosted infrastructure. We do this at both network and applications level, in combination with SSL if required.

High availability

Through the duplication of each server, we capture both technical and logical errors, without compromising the availability of your data or applications. We combine high availability, fault tolerance and virtual high availability, putting it to use for your specific needs.

(Multi-node) Clustering

Sentia offers clustering as a failover solution that ensures high availability of your data and applications. You can count on our vast experience of both traditional active-active and active-passive clustering, as well as advanced multi-node clustering, whereby we can manage multiple database nodes by cluster.


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