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Our contracts are flexible and arranged in such a way that they can provide continuity and security. Of course, we are certified according to ISO 9001, 14001, 27001 NEN7510 and ISAE 3402. The Sentia Cloud is also equipped with the 'right to examine' so at any time our clients and their regulators have access to ‘their data’.

Safe haven for sensitive data

Your data is as safe as the weakest link. Thanks to one of the most advanced security configurations in the market, Sentia offers the guarantee of a safe place for your sensitive data.

Backup and restore

Sentia provides for regular backups of your data in secure locations. This guarantees a permanent recovery point for the last known "good" state of a database or set of business information.

Network security

Sentia offers a wide range of network, application and spam firewall solutions, and is vendor agnostic in relation to this. We can provide these with implementation, monitoring, or full management.


Sentia invariably chooses excellent antivirus software with low memory and disk usage and the least system lag. Our central management console enables us to react extremely quickly when the network is threatened.


Sentia guarantees a secure and available environment that keeps viruses, spyware, spam and hackers at bay. We work with software firewalls Clavister and appliance solutions from Cisco and Juniper Networks.

Encrypted communication

For both permanent communications between networks as well as temporary point-to-point connections, Sentia has developed an extensive expertise.

Integrated security approach

To protect sensitive information and applications, Sentia provides an integrated approach, in which technologies like intrusion detection are used, so you don't need to have that specific knowledge in-house.

Security without disruption

In the past, many security solutions worked with security 'clients', software that runs on the individual system and scans files. That affected memory performance, CPU and disks. Deep Security is software that runs on the hypervisor level, meaning there is no need for additional agents to be installed on your systems. Instead, the software runs in the hypervisor (or virtualization layer) and scans incoming and outcoming traffic to the virtual machines.



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